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Thursday, August 29

Wednesday, August 28

Apartment in Frankfurt

Sabine-Lydia Schmidt

Record Label Owner, Apartment, Gutleutviertel, Frankfurt

Monday, August 26

I like ...

has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.
Anne Roiphe

Sunday, August 25

Marilyn Monroe

I just saw Marilyn Monroe movie with Michelle Williams, a bit late though...

I just have a word to say about her role: Amazing!!!

I have always been incredibly atracted by Marilyn's life,
she was undoubtly a woman with a huge inner world that suffered a lot ...
Such a dificult life, feeling abandoned...

Extremely feminine, sweet, elegant ...
she found her own way to be loved by the whole world to appease her pain,
but it was never enough ...
what she most needed was being loved by her mum
Every little girl should be adored by their mum

Saturday, August 24

About Love

while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu

Friday, August 23

Stranded Horse - Jolting Moon

I wish you all a happy weekend

Let life surprise you!

I like this tiny and girlish appartement, it's really cool ...

Thursday, August 22

In the mood for...

 A nice and light appartement

 Being here !!!!

To be a great photographer

This colour lipstick  

Wednesday, August 21

Tuesday, August 20

Pallet for storage

That's a good and cheap idea, don't you think?